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Posted by dave in Plano, TX on Wednesday, August 09, 2006 at 12:34PM :

read on... this was in the Dallas Morning News yesterday...I was made aware of it by a freind who keeps up on such things, and he has concerns that the ban will go deeper than the plastic toy gun level.

If so, this will affect ownership of not only toy guns, but also replica and non-guns owned by us MV owners who display such non-guns on our MV's

Funny eh? A State that allows you to walk in and purchase and own REAL live firearms and they want to ban toys!! Ha!!

I guess its not that funny..

The City of Dallas is hell bent on enacting a ban on replica guns that
will make replica machine guns, Thompsons, carbines, .45 pistols, etc. illegal.

This will have an effect on most people who collect WW-II items as many of us have replicas of weapons that are too expensive and onerous to own.

Thompson sub machine guns with all real parts except for the receiver
would be illegal under this ban as would the replica .45 pistols that many
of us carry in the web gear on our historic vehicles. This is ridiculous.

You guys in Dallas and Texas...Please contact all of your friends and have them contact their city council
people to explain the ramifications of this stupid idea.

Here is one Ramification to think about:

This will
keep the Collings Foundation from bringing their B-24 (the only flying B-24 in the world), their B-17, B-25, etc. to the Frontiers of Flight museum
as each of the aircraft has, at least, ten replica guns. Everyone should be
against this.

The ramifications elsewhere could be extreme.

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