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Posted by keithmerk on Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 4:32PM :

In Reply to: Not everyone in Texas is a Texan posted by Paul Cook in Kempner, Texas on Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 2:31PM :

I totally agree with what you said but when folk move they have to take into consideration that part of moving is accepting the new circumstances and back ground of those that they have moved next to. You can't move a cowboy into new york and expect him to fit his horse and pick up into the way of life there. So why do the people from big cities move to small towns and expect to find a cab waiting every six seconds to pick someone up.

It's absolutly mind boggling the stupid stuff people think they can get away with. How about folk comming here from another counrty and expecting things to be like they were "back home"? I think the same holds true from town to town and state to state If you move embrace the new community or don't move. I understand the whole move or lose your job thing I have done it. But I accepted my new community and didn't try to change it I just went with the flow. I did make suggestions about things to change when the city was looking for input but they came to the people looking for input not the other way around.

If people keep doing this then I won't have room or legal right to drive my PW in the desert and have picnics and campouts and trailrides. If you don't like the way folk do things in your new town then move back. It was obviously better or you wouldn't be trying to change my way of living to be at your "standard". I don't try to make city folk live like they are in the country they need to let me live like I am in the city. It's just that simple.

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