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Posted by keithmerk on Wednesday, August 09, 2006 at 11:03PM :

In Reply to: Re: Right to posted by pw owner on Wednesday, August 09, 2006 at 9:57PM :

Make no mistake I am unfortunatly aware of the situation. That is one of the reasons I live in AZ. There are too many conservatives who own and use guns and too few liberals to stop them from doing so. So I have my doubts that AZ will have those same issues but you never know. I am a NRA member and I own a few firearms of my own. All of my children over the age of 8 know how to load and fire and the safety in use of the 22 remington and the 20 gauge shotgun that I have. My wife is also the DEADLIST shooter I have ever seen in my life. She isn't very quick but is very acurate. Both my wife and I hold a concealed carry permit and most of the time we have a need to carry the permit on our person. I do believe in gun control- that means useing both hands on windy days.
If there were ways for me to help fight for others to have the right to carry in other states I would do so but you have to be a resident in order for your voice to be heard by the elected officals. I recommend to you to do just that. I always write to my state congress and the U.S congress about anything that they are about to vote on to voice my opinion I would suggest you do the same.

I didn't think politics were important in my youth and was into the Punk Rock scene. I learned from that experiance that if you want to be heard then you must stand out or you will be silent. Use my experiance to make your voice heard. Stand out if you want to be heard. Sometimes it take a little patience and sometimes the only thing you can do is move to somewhere others have the views you do and be among like minded people.

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