Power-Wagon Identification
and Registry Help Pages

The military-style Dodge Power-Wagon was in production and sold domestically from 1946-1968 with export models to 1978. Over the years there were quite a few changes to various mechanical components but the outward appearance did not change very much at all. Of course, this makes it hard to identify the model years by simply looking at the exterior of the truck. These pages attempt to show various differences in the components, features, and options of the Power-Wagon that will help in identifying the model year and also serve as a guide to locating the various components and identification numbers that are used in the Registry.

Serial Number

Serial Number

Dodge Parts
Books Pages

Serial Number
Guide 1914-46

Serial Number
Guide 1920-57


Body Tags

Frame Number

Express Bed

Engine ID

Engine Number

Flathead 6

Net HP

Gross HP

Color Chips



GVW Location


Winch Number

Rim Date Code


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