What a Braden MU2 Winch Looks Like

Below are several images of the Braden MU2 winch, the MU2 did not change in outward appearance during the 1946 to 1968 model years.

The 1961 and later WM300s did have an extended grill, which required longer frame extensions, but for the most part all the MU2s looked alike. It has been reported that some Power-Wagons were factory equipped with Tulsa winches. We would be interested in any information about these winches.

Look below for a variety of angles showing the MU2 winch mounted to a 1951 B-3-PW-126. 1951 winch photos courtesy of Clint Dixon.

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Note the declutch handle on the back of the drivers side of the winch, an MU3 winch (winch looks much the same as an MU2) has this handle in another location, one clue to tell them apart.

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On the side of the winch can be read the Braden name, and their manufacturing location, Tulsa Oklahoma. Also there is the marking M2-144. This may not be true for all MU2s.

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Below is a picture of a MU2 on a 62 WM300; note the extended grill and frame extensions.

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Eric Bannerman Photo

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