Industrial Flat Head Six Engines
The Chysler Corporation built Flat Head Six engines for Industrial applications, like Pumps, Generators, Forklifts, Combines, and other equipment. Many of the Industrial engines were built for a specific purpose, like running a Generator, and may have parts or pieces that will not work well in a vehicle application. Check the ignition and fuel system to make sure the engine can be run through the whole rev range of an engine of that type. Also sometimes the crankshaft sticks out the front of the motor making it had to install in a vehicle. The basic engines are the same as the ones used in cars and trucks of the same size but sometimes there are minor interchange problems.
These engines often have the stamp IND in the same pad where T137 would go on a Power Wagon engine. The literature shows these engines being identified by a tag riveted to the engine though, not the stamp on the engine number pad. Look below to see an example of both an Industrial engine tag and a stamped engine number.

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Below are some of the tags, and the locations of the tags used on Industrial engines. These are from the Factory literature on Industrial engines.

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Some of the model numbers of Industrial engines are listed below. There may be more engine models out there, they will be added as more information is found.

Model Number Displacement Head Length
IND 5 218ci 23 Inches
IND 6 230ci 23 Inches
IND 7 237ci 25 Inches
IND 8 251ci 25 Inches
IND 5A 218ci 23 Inches
IND 6A 230ci 23 Inches
IND 7A 237ci 25 Inches
IND 8A 251ci 25 Inches
IND 30 230ci 23 Inches
IND 31 230ci 23 Inches
IND 32 265ci 25 Inches
IND 33 265ci 25 Inches
IND 251 251ci 25 Inches
IND 265 265ci 25 Inches
IND 931 230ci 23 inches
IND 908A 251ci 25 Inches

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