1954 Dodge C1-PW6-126
Serial Number 88768006 
Stated Year 1954 
Model C1-PW6-126 
Body Tag Number  
Frame Number  
Bed Type Chassis - Flat Bed 
Engine 230 Flathead Six 
Engine Number  
Net Horse Power  
Gross Horse Power  
Electrical 12-Volt (converted) 
Gross Vehicle Weight  
Winch Number  
Wheel Rim Date  
Original Color Armour Yellow (1948-56) 

Location CA United States 
Owner Steve 
Date Entered Aug 07, 2017
Date Modified Aug 07, 2017
Record 1026
Has a Dodge car 230 flathead six. Runs well. Had it since the late eighties. Cab sheet metal really nice, doors close and fit like new, no rust at all. Has a one direction PTO to drive a hydraulic pump, pump and whatever pump drove are gone now.