1946 Dodge WDX
Serial Number 83901090 
Stated Year 1946 
Model WDX 
Body Tag Number 4312-1544 
Frame Number none 
Bed Type Express 2nd Series 
Engine 230 Flathead Six 
Engine Number  
Net Horse Power 74 HP @2800rpm 
Gross Horse Power  
Transmission Up-To Type Non-Synchromesh 
Electrical 12-Volt (converted) 
Gross Vehicle Weight 8,700 
Winch Number  
Wheel Rim Date 1946 
Original Color Dodge Truck Dark Green (1946-53) 

Location Iowa USA 
Owner Mark 
Date Entered Dec 23, 2013
Date Modified
Record 867
Bought it in 1986 from a local farmer. engine stuck flat tires, pretty rough shape. Fixed it up, swapped the engine, found some tires gave it an amateur paint job (pix 1) found a Garwood winch (free) and put on it. I used the dickens out of it around the place until the engine failed. So it sat in the barn for several years, until last July when I pushed in to the shop for some luv'n (pix 2). What started out as an engine and clutch job has turned into a WHOLE LOT of serious luv'n(pix3).