1946 Dodge WDX
Serial Number 83900517 
Stated Year 1946 
Model WDX 
Body Tag Number 4312-627 
Frame Number 83900517 
Bed Type Express 1st Series 
Engine 6-cyl 230 cid 
Engine Number T137-1848 
Net Horse Power 74 HP @2800rpm 
Gross Horse Power  
Transmission Up-To Type Non-Synchromesh 
Electrical 6-Volt 
Gross Vehicle Weight 8,700 
Winch MU2-2 
Winch Number 6008056 (n 
Wheel Rim Date 1946 
Original Color Dodge Truck Dark Green (1946-53) 

Location Mississippi U.S.A. 
Owner Dan 
Date Entered Jul 23, 2004
Date Modified Apr 02, 2005
Record 44
Rear Shocks, Overflow Tank, Aux. Wipers, Oil Filter, HD Air Cleaner, Tow Hooks 
Repower with Israeli Rebuilt 6-cyl 251 cid, NP420 Trans, and Neg 12 Volt Electrical System