1946 Dodge WDX
Serial Number 83900012 
Stated Year 1946 
Model WDX 
Body Tag Number 22 
Frame Number 83900012 
Bed Type Express 1st Series 
Engine 230 Flathead Six 
Engine Number 1061 
Net Horse Power 74 HP @2800rpm 
Gross Horse Power  
Transmission Up-To Type Non-Synchromesh 
Electrical 6-Volt 
Gross Vehicle Weight 8,700 
Winch Number Missing 
Wheel Rim Date 1945 
Original Color Sea Wolf Green (1946-50) 

Location MI United States 
Date Entered Jan 28, 2018
Date Modified Feb 13, 2018
Record 1037
Single wiper cab, winch, rear shocks, radiator overflow tank, 9.00x16-8 tires, draw bar, belt pulley drive serial #4, black door handles, brass rear PTO cover, full cab roof bow, extra trim on bed ahead of spare tire. Brown interior. Was shipped to Lansing, MI and used by the Michigan State College (later MSU) Agricultural Engineering Department. I have three pics of the truck in use in March, 1947. Truck was later sold to an employee who had it until re-discovered in a barn in early 2017. Presumed to be a two owner truck. 
No longer has original engine. No number on rebuilt block currently installed. Belt pulley drive is complete other than engine governor. Winch is missing but PTO and driveshaft are in place. Engine does run after replacement of points and starter. Frame center section has some delamination. Second owner welded plow brackets to frame. Minor rust perforation on cab corners and hole in RH front lower door. Large dent in roof. Running board brackets rotted.