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Posted by keithmerk on Monday, August 14, 2006 at 11:27PM :

In Reply to: I am back from the first Arizona Power Wagon Rally posted by Paul Cook in Kempner, Texas on Sunday, August 13, 2006 at 11:01PM :

I sure appreciate the thoughts Paul. I didn't mean to cause anyone any kind of undue duress or stress or problems of any kind. I can't apoligize enought for the whole thing. I do realize where my faults are and am trying to over come them.
I am still looking forward to doing it next year I am putting plans into place so that I don't have these issues next year but I am still not sure if there will be a next year yet. I am willing to go and do what I can. I am also willing to put my support behind whoever maybe in charge if that is the general consensus.
I just want to belong and be part of the group. I have had this passion for Dodge trucks since I was a kid and saw my first PW that one of my dads uncles owned. I have ALWAYS been impressed with the power and durability of the PW and wanted one of my own for as long as I could remember. When I first found this site I was so happy that I found a bunch of Dodge freaks like me I just had to try to meet and get to know you. I feel like you are good pals and never meant to hurt anyone of you.
Don't take this as a pity on Keith thing I made the mistake and IT IS MY FAULT! There are so many "if's" that occured but that doesn't matter. I let everyyone down and I understand and accept that. I do want to make things better but I can't fix the past. I can only try again and do better next year. I will do better,but only if everyone will let me. That is why I keep asking for forgiveness. I want to do a better job for next year. I do have a lot of things I can do and I have more information to work with then I did when I started out for this year.
So I hope I can get your support if not then that's the way of things and I can accept that from the group as well.

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