I am back from the first Arizona Power Wagon Rally

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Posted by Paul Cook in Kempner, Texas on Sunday, August 13, 2006 at 11:01PM :

In Reply to: I am back from the first Hoax Rally I ever went posted by Mac from Texas on Sunday, August 13, 2006 at 9:05PM :

The Annual Texas Power Wagon Reunion has been held each year since 1993. It's the longest running regional Power Wagon event in the country. Only the VPW Rally has been going on longer. When you add the eight Tailgate Parties at Pat and Wanda's, you see that Texas has held more Power Wagon events than anyone else. I've been to all of them since 1995 except one and hosted two of them.

There may have been one Texas event that was not truly great. I know that the portable toilets didn't get to the one at my house until the morning of the first full day. There was some concern for the folks who got there the afternoon before. That's the worst thing I remember.

This points out the need for first time planners to sincerely seek and then accept the knowledge of others who have been there and ordered the "T" shirts.

This was a clear case of unbridled enthusiasm failing to accept the reality that everyone who said "I'll be there" could say so without keeping their promise. As the Arizona Rally developed, I followed the postings on the Forum. It's really easy to say you'll come when the wife is not watching what you are typing on your keyboard, and a lot did. These folks who were actually not in charge of their own destinies share some responsibility for what happened. Sometimes PW doesn't mean Power Wagon.

Based on Keith's postings that his wife could tear up his truck, but he obviously could not use her Durango to travel to the event and meet his responsibilities - Oh-oh, this sounds like the second verse of the PW song.

None of the guys who came to the Arizona Rally had any "significant others" who did not support them and their Power Wagon hobby. It was clear that there were many out there who did not have this support and they did not show up.

I'd like to think that all of us from Texas who drove between 800 and 1300 miles one way did it to show our support for the establishment of another regional Power Wagon event. Many Power Wagon enthusiasts can't go to Iowa for a variety of good reasons. Regional events let folks come together - often meeting another Power Wagon nut who lives within a few miles of the other. Texas is the leader in regional events and we Texans support them. Ask the folks at Georgia, California, New England, and West Virginia.

So let's not say, "Hoax" but admit we all had a great time - once we moved into the standard routine. We ate a lot. We talked about Power Wagons a lot. We ate a lot. We looked at other trucks a lot. We met a lot of nice folks. And, we ate a lot.

Williams was a great place. The City and the Chamber of Commerce did right by us. The forest trails were fantastic. I know I would come back.

I would only ask that someone who has some organizational skills and the support of those closest to them will jump in and "Get 'r done!"

Still, there's the issue of the prizes...

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