1958 Dodge W300M
Serial Number L6W3ML22955 
Stated Year 1958 
Model W300M 
Body Tag Number 54 
Frame Number 54 
Bed Type  
Engine 230 Flathead Six 
Engine Number sold running gear 
Net Horse Power  
Gross Horse Power  
Gross Vehicle Weight  
Winch Number  
Wheel Rim Date  
Original Color  

Location NSW Australia 
Owner Stephen 
Date Entered May 17, 2017
Date Modified May 28, 2017
Record 1023
Flat Bed 
Found the PW in paddock in northern Victoria, Was a knackery recovery vehicle, Chrysler SA RHD conversion I believe, Possibly 1958 ~ 59 model, Sold off the running gear, (a West Australian bloke now has it I believe) We transported it home to NSW. Currently under restoration, installing a 87 Troopy chassis and Turbo Diesel running gear. Finish one day 0490400538