1949 Dodge B-1-PW-126
Serial Number 88,760,154 
Stated Year 1949 
Model B-1-PW-126 
Body Tag Number 4312 12446 
Frame Number 88760154 
Bed Type  
Engine 230 Flathead Six 
Engine Number P26*2739?7 
Net Horse Power  
Gross Horse Power  
Gross Vehicle Weight  
Winch Number 49 10 50 
Wheel Rim Date  
Original Color  

Date Entered Dec 13, 2016
Date Modified
Record 1009
No data plate and was assigned a new number by State of Arizona at some point in its life. Frame number very clear. Town of Springerville in Arizona truck. Moved to New Mexico and then back to Springerville where I bought it from an estate and moved it to Paradise Valley in Arizona. Currently being worked on to get the motor running. Not running when purchased Dec 2016 but motor was free and had been running one year earlier. Engine out of a 55 Plymouth from the SN. Lots of dings etc but structurally sound with no rot anywhere.