1951 Dodge B-3-PW-126
Serial Number 83923194 
Stated Year 1951 
Model B-3-PW-126 
Body Tag Number 183-2309 
Frame Number 83923194 
Bed Type Express 2nd Series 
Engine 6-cyl 230 cid 
Engine Number T137-22398 
Net Horse Power 82 HP @3200rpm 
Gross Horse Power 94 HP @3200rpm 
Transmission After Type Non-Synchromesh 
Electrical 6-Volt 
Gross Vehicle Weight 9,500 
Winch MU2-R 
Winch Number 512591 
Wheel Rim Date 51 
Original Color Dodge Truck Blue No.3 (Deep Blue) (1949-53) 

Location Sao Paulo Brazil 
Owner Antonio 
Date Entered Aug 26, 2005
Date Modified Apr 06, 2007
Record 275
For 20 years I sought for a truck 1946-68 Dodge Power Wagon. Happily, in the beginning of 2005 I acquired this 1951-DPW in Santana do Livramento-Rio Grande do Sul-Brazil, that is still with the factory painting. Now you can see the 17 pictures containing the transport of this truck to my city (Piraju-S?o Paulo-Brasil) and the beginning of the restoration through the link: http:/www.t137.com/cpg/index.php (PHOTO GALLERY), clicking 2 followed times in " AntonioC ". During the restoration it completes, I will increase the respective pictures.