1967 Dodge WM300
Serial Number 2461745979 
Stated Year 1967 
Model WM300 
Body Tag Number  
Frame Number  
Bed Type  
Engine 251 Flathead Six 
Engine Number C25-510 
Net Horse Power  
Gross Horse Power  
Gross Vehicle Weight  
Winch Number  
Wheel Rim Date  
Original Color Bell System Green (1954-1968) 

Date Entered Apr 24, 2017
Date Modified Apr 24, 2017
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History and Operations Information 1967 Dodge Power Wagon WM300 HISTORY - Purchased new in 1967 by Power Systems of Granby, Colorado (no longer in business). It was used for installation and repair of above and below ground power cables. - Sold to Silver Creek Ski Area (now known as Granby Ranch), Granby, Colorado. The Ski Area opened in 1983. The Ski Area used it for repair of its lifts and snowmaking systems with a welder that it had on the flat bed of the truck. - Purchased by Scott , Granby, Colorado in 2000. Scott restored to original and working condition. The bed was purchased from Vintage Power Wagons in Fairfield, Iowa. They received it from a military surplus sale in Thailand and they brought it to the U.S. with miscellaneous other trucks and parts in containers in 2001. The bed is period correct. Another parts resource was discovered while hiking in the woods one day. There was an older Power Wagon logging truck found about 2.5 miles from the trail head (which meant 2.5 miles going back carrying parts!). It took 3 or 4 trips to get everything needed which included running boards. - The vehicle has never left Grand County which is 7,500'-8,000' above sea level. So moving it to sea level will probably require carburetor modifications, i.e. bigger jets. The procedures written below to start the vehicle may change. OPERATIONS Starting Engine Cold: - If sitting for a long period of time, turn the key and let electric fuel pump pump the gas to carburetor. Pull the choke out. Pump gas twice. Turn the key. Starting Warm: - DO NOT PUMP GAS PEDAL. Turn the key and start. Winch Operations: - Start engine. Engage winch with large lever on the left side of the transmission hump. T handle on passenger side running board will freewheel Winch if pushed in. It must be pulled back out to operate again. Four-Wheel Drive Operation: - Lock hubs. - First lever on passenger side of transmission hump controls in and out of 4-wheel drive. Second lever controls high and low range. Front Window Operation: - Lift center dash pad. Turn square head shaft with tool in glove compartment. MAINTENANCE - Check oil regularly (it doesn't use much). - Check transmission fluid as per usage (drips). - Antifreeze good to -30 and plug-in heater on block if it ever gets that cold. (ha ha) - Lift door handle to open because the hinge pins are worn. - Lug wrench located under the seat. Over the years, many people have asked if I was interested in selling it and I would get many waves and people interested in looking at it in car shows and in parking lots. On April 17, 2017 Scott sold the car to David in San Diego. David intends to continue to restore the truck to original condition with the exception of adding a few more HP with an engine rebuild and a new gear ratio. The odometer reads 20,253 miles thought to be original.