1963 Dodge WM300
Serial Number 2461305747 
Stated Year 1963 
Model WM300 
Body Tag Number  
Frame Number  
Bed Type Express 3rd Series 
Engine 251 Flathead Six 
Engine Number 25 63316C 
Net Horse Power 115 HP @3600rpm 
Gross Horse Power  
Transmission NP420 Synchromesh 
Electrical 12-Volt 
Gross Vehicle Weight 9,500 
Winch MU2-2 
Winch Number 630-2570 
Wheel Rim Date 51 and 52 
Original Color Marlin Blue (1958-68) 

Location Colorado USA 
Owner Richard 
Date Entered Dec 31, 2011
Date Modified Jan 11, 2013
Record 777
Rear Power take off. 4:88 gears, factory Warn hubs, Radiator overflow tank, windshield washer, MOPAR spotlight. 
The truck was "born" blue, now green (Had "Big Blue" painted on the green paint on front below Radiator cap, I removed it.) DODGE painted on Repro tailgate, nice job.