Still Overheating (Some)

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Posted by Jim in Litchfield Park [] on Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 22:25:23 :

I been on the Forum the last two years since my 360 engine was completely rebuilt (10 over)trying to get a solution to my overheating at speed. Added bigger pusher fan, added and removed flex fan, added shroud,rebuilt distributor,flow tested radiator again (it's working properly),advanced timing/retarded timing, completely removed thermostat (still overheated),put in 180 (called for)removed 180 and put in 160 thermostat, then put back 180 thermostat, took out bypass hose, put back bypass hose, replaced antifreeze with distilled water and Wetter Water, shaved my head and stopped cursing. To be truthful,I didn't do the last two things but I would consider them if they would work. So where am I now? Motor never over heated at idle - only at speed. With all of the above, can now drive under 2000 rpm and temp doesn't go over 185-190F. Once I hit 2500 rpm heat goes to about 230 F. Tomorrow I am going to a local carburetor/distributor guru who says my problem is my Edelbrock 4 barrel carb I'm using and possibly the vacuum advance not working properly. Says I should replace the Edelbrock (which gives lots of fuel at low speed but under load leans way out)with stock Rochester quadrajet that Chrysler used. This is my last hope for a solution. Your thoughts will be appreciated.

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