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Posted by keithmerk on Monday, August 14, 2006 at 7:53PM :

In Reply to: Thank you to the City and People of Williams AZ! posted by George (in Draw Tx) on Monday, August 14, 2006 at 7:35PM :

We did have Two articles one before and one after the event I am trying to get a copy of them from the editor to post on the forum. His name is Russ Walton and one of the nicest guys in town. I haven't spoken to the chamber since the event but Both Donna and Pimi are some of the nicest gals around.
I hope that despite my errors they are still loking forwad to us being there next year. I did get some postive feedback from the Carquest store in town. Terry the gal that owns it was thrilled to see the trucks and so were the people on her staff. I heard from the guy who runs the tree nursery and he thought the trucks looked real good his name is Mark. Williams is all in all a great city and they really go out of their way for visitors which is the whole reason I wanted to do the rally there in the first place.
I was a resident for about 5 1/2 years and hated it when I had to move. They are the friendlist of all the places I have ever had the pleasure of living in and my hat is off to them for all they did.
The banners were provided by PEPSI. that was the donation we recieved from them. Those things aren't cheap and I am so glad that they went out of thier way to provide them for us.
Our other big sponser was of course Paul with his donation of PW Maple. If I had addresses of folk who came I would've shiped it out to them. I paid him out of my pocket for his donation cause it didn't sit right with me to hold on to something that wasn't paid for and would probabaly go bad waiting for next years rally.
I hope this doesn't put a stop on next year. I still want to meet everyone and look forward to the event. I am already putting in a back up plan so that no matter what I can be there.

I also want to thank all those who went and participated. I know I let you down but I am glad you had fun without my blunder. Thanks Williams for your help and support!

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