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Posted by Chris Davis - UT on Monday, August 14, 2006 at 5:45PM :

In Reply to: taking my licks posted by keithmerk on Monday, August 14, 2006 at 5:03PM :

I didn’t attend the AZ rally, or commit to attend… the 1200 mile round trip is closer than Iowa, but still not in the budget. So I can’t speak for those who did make the effort, and I think Keith really needs their understanding more than a “that’s ok” from rest of us.

Keith, once the day-before-the-rally arrived and you still didn’t have an operable vehicle, I think a phone call to the folks you could reach would have been worth far more than your many sincere apologies after the fact.

That opportunity is past now, so no sense beating a dead horse.

You did try and do something though… lacked a little (or a lot) in executing the plan, but you tried. You seem sincere in your apology for failing to coordinate things or attend, and I take that at face value.

I know you are a frequent contributor on this forum and I hope you stick around, but again, I didn’t spend the time and money to make the trek to a non-event. I think it’s the six or so folks who did make the effort you need to contact and work things out with… if they are ready to do so. (And I wouldn’t take not being ready as not ever being willing to forgive and forget… one could be justifiably steamed over this for some time.)

Chris Davis
Centerville, UT
'45 WC-51

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