Vermont Rally

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Posted by Ken See on Sunday, August 13, 2006 at 11:19PM :

Ok all set, let's blow off the work week and go to Vermont tomorrow! Items in order of importance - Reimbursements: Used the entire fuel allocation this weekend mowing grass, diesel, gas, everthing. But the grounds are trimmed up nicely, sorry...Friday night cook out: We'll have burgers, dogs, baked beans, garden salad. Whoever is coming for dinner Friday bring a beverage of your choice, and maybe a side something or dessert? Don't need a lot since every one might bring something. Sat A.M. early - Whoever is there, pancakes. Usually Sat is just donuts&bagels, but what the heck, this time pancakes, plus some corn grain mix with blueberries courtesy of Mike in Montreal. Maybe we'll have a quick raffle to win some PW syrup. Sat Lunch - More burgers and dogs and stuff. We'll have soda & lemonade. (there's a secret keg out behind the barn, keep it quiet since we haven't been on the trail yet). After lunch - off road trail ride - wahooo!! Sat Night - Catered dinner. Grilled marinated chicken breast, marinated London broil, more baked beans, some pasta salad mixed with fresh corn & tomato, some other stuff I forget right now, watermelon, cake, soda, lemonade, iced tea. (There's a secret keg out behind the barn, keep it quiet heck, we'll bring it out front.) Had to cater it this year, tough union negotiations...The dinner cost is $20 each. Kids 12 & under free. Age 13-15, $12 each. Friday cook out $5, Sat pancake $3, Sat Lunch $5. Oh yeah, Sunday A.M., pancakes again - wahoooo! $3 for that too. Our good friend Paul (in NY) Mierop of Moose Creek Smugglers is sneaking NY syrup across the VT border. Not sure how we'll keep this secret from the local producer. Campers - plenty of room to camp. Right field is nice(that's baseball talk, the rally is on our baseball field, but strong morning sun, so maybe in foul territory along the trees. The volley ball field is nice too, not as much morning sun. Trying to rig up an outdoor shower. Water and hot water are an issue to we'll see. Traffic and parking will be controlled better this year to keep the chevys away from the Dodges. 1 ton max on the baseball field. Off loading on the gravel road, there's room. 1+ ton and trailers on the triangle across the street. Chevy's, Fords, Toyota's, family cars on the baseball field but in left field away from the Dodges. RV's (1 ton max) down the 1st base foul line along the trees. RVs 1+ ton on the triangle. Dodges on the infield. We'll communicate all this durin g the rally so if you fell asleep reading this no problem, just get there safe and soon . We're all looking forward to this rally, so let's enjoy it. Numbers? Hard to say, 75+ for dinner? 25 trucks? I have 60+ committed, plus all those who just show up and surprise us which always happens and is fine, just get there. Contact info on the web site, don't hesitate to call with questions. VPW supports us with raffle donations, as does Rick Sultan and of course Paul (in NY). Plus the rest of us. Mac, Paul, Don - there's still time, hit the road Mac.

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