Foohfooh holes in steering bracket up date

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Posted by Bruce on Friday, August 11, 2006 at 7:11PM :

So I popped the 37/64 drill bit out of the chuck and stuck it in the hole i had drilled . The drill bit had about 1/16 clearance. So for a lark I tested a 39 /64 bit. It fit darn good.
Turns out the morse taper had this little chunk of metal stuck to the side. This wedged the bit and caused the tip to sweep out more metal than I wanted. I sharpen all my bits freehand- sharpening blades , saws , and drillbits was my summer job for 2 years .
The bit is dull when it makes chips. The bit is bang on when you get 2 big curls coming off each of the flutes on the bit.
I said to heck with making a new bracket and tossed the plate in the forge to preheat it. I welded up the holes and redrilled them. Worked fine , no chips in the threads and this custom bracket has 2 more holes in it with through bolts and nuts than the helitool model. It should be strong enough

take care


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