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Posted by Paul Cook in Kempner, Texas on Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 9:19PM :

In Reply to: Re: New Power Wagon Diesel?? posted by Nick on Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 8:11PM :

Here's what a diesel is about. Do you actually have load like this that you plan to pull cross country through tight woods and over extremely rough terrain where terms like approach, departure, and break-over angles are part of it?

Also, the significantly greater weight of the diesel is not desirable when climbing over obstacles like the log pit at Hollister ORV. Slamming the skid plates down onto the logs was bad enough with the light Hemi. (The only PW to try the log pit at the 2005 CA rally was Hemi powered - and I made it.)

My '89, '94, '97, and '01 Dodges all had the CTD and all were all rigged to pull gooseneck trailers. I hauled Power Wagons back and forth to Texas from Washington, Georgia, Pennsylvania, California, New York, and Iowa - to name a few. All my trailer pullers were 2WD. If I got stuck, I always had a Power Wagon aboard to unload and pull me out. Actually, that was never a problem with the limited slip differentials.

If you have a requirement to pull heavy loads that justifies your buying a diesel, then get a RAM 2500/3500 with the diesel option. The diesel option is about the same price as the 26P Power Wagon option. I doubt that anyone out there will add the $5,500 diesel option to the $6000 Power Wagon option. And most who complain that it is not available would complain even louder if it were because of the price.

If you don't really need the diesel's working ability and only want to impress folks with the manly diesel sound, buy a used '89 - they were the loudest - and stick on some mud flaps with the chrome "bimbo" silhouette. There's a guy drives past every day with a RAM 3500 dually that has a special built gooseneck bed, air horns, fancy mud flaps, upright exhaust stack, and nice sun visor - to pull his golf cart to several courses in the area - maximum distance, 45 miles.

It is very unlikely that there will be a diesel in the Power Wagon because, in addition to the above considerations, there simply is no room for a diesel because of the frame mounted winch. If you examined a current Power Wagon, this would be apparent. You wouldn't have that problem with a RAM 2500/3500 since all aftermarket winches mount on the bumper - usually an after market model - and this mounting definitely reduces the approach angle.

If you don't need to do work and want a diesel for the economy, try a Jeep Liberty. It goes off-road - "Trail Rated" I think the adds say.

Life is all about choices. Are you a "trucker" or are you an off-roader that wants to do it in a Power Wagon?

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