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Posted by Paul Cook in Kempner, Texas on Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 3:53PM :

In Reply to: New Power Wagon no more posted by Kaegi on Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 11:39AM :

The 26P Power Wagon package is available for order on 2007 models.

You just happened to meet that dealer's Salesman of the Year. He knew his boss was not interested in low volume vehicles and had not ordered any. When he saw that you were shopping for a car for your wife, he figured out that you were not going to get a Power Wagon any time soon so he avoided having to waste any of his time discussing Power Wagons with you. You may want to consider this in future dealings with that dealer or salesman.

I just called my dealer and he said he would order you one today.

Also, the Power Wagon is available on the Dodge web site.

I wish it were true. I'm ready for my Power Wagon to start increasing in value.

NOTE FOR MARTY: The owner's manual says use 87 - 89 octane. In many areas, the "regular grade" is 86 octane instead of the 87 octane I normally use. On my way to the Arizona Rally, I switched to mid grade gasoline at 88 octane to avoid the 86 octane regular and my mileage increased. Now that base gasoline prices are $3.00, the 10 cents difference is a low percent of the gas price - 3.3%. My increased mileage was 10.4% up to 14.9 from 13.5. So even at $2.50 a gallon, the mid grade gas is a 4% increase and I will continue using that - at least until the gas companies increase the extra cost of mid grade.

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