well, another note on this from me..

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Posted by dave on Saturday, August 19, 2006 at 9:38AM :

In Reply to: Let me ask you 3/4 ton WC guys something posted by dave in Plano, TX on Friday, August 18, 2006 at 4:52PM :

Well thanks all for responding. I dont know how to or what to say from here, but Ill say this.

You guys with modified trucks, well, I cant use that information to compare mine, but I am JEALOUS!!!

Mine, it has brand new 9:00-16 NTD tires on the combat rims.

the front end feels fine, as do the tires, no wobbling, jumping, front end shakes, etc.

that does nothing to deter my speed. In other words, I aint keeping the speed down because of front end issues.

Its just that the truck seems to be REALLY screaming at around 40 mph.

I know I could "push" it a bit more, maybe get another 5 mph out of it,, but like I said, its screaming.

Now, I am not new to these trucks. I have owned other 3/4 tons and 1/2 tons before this one. The half tons with the 4:89 gears were nice, cruising faster, but I never NEVER got 65 out of one of them trucks either. Maybe 55 or so?

rebuilt motors, balanced, 9-16 tires, etc too.

Maybe its me. To my ear, it sounds like I am really pushing the truck.

so, maybe I aint no where near the "ready to grenade" red line.

All in all I like the truck. it is solid, rides nice, but that speed thing sorta knocked me for a loop when I read that police speed thing-a-ma-gig saying I was only doing 38 mph!

That was when I first got the truck. and I might have been a little more aprehensive to go faster.

since then, I have noticed I have been pushing it a bit more in speed, so I would guess I am no top ending in the 45 mph range.

But I aint doing no 55 mph by any means.

OH.. I dont go by the speedo. its in Kilos (European return) and the needle jumps all over past the 60 Kilo reading.

whats 60 Kilo convert to MPH now?

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