Braden MU2 Winch

Braden MU2 Winch Rebuild Procedure
by Todd Somers
Power Wagon Advertiser - October 1989
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Displayed here with permission from Gordon Maney

Braden Winch Factory Service Booklet
mu2winch mu2winch-001 mu2winch-002 mu2winch-003 mu2winch-004 mu2winch-005

Winch Chain
Mvc-181f Mvc-182f Mvc-183f Mvc-184f Mvc-185f
  Chain length = 44" (Including 2 pear links, one at each end)
Diameter of chain stock = 0.410 - 0.415
Size of links = 1.325 x 2.065 Number of links = 31 + 2 pear links

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