Blue Ridge Junk Yard

Todd Somers

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Mvc-410f Mvc-411f Mvc-412f Mvc-413f Mvc-414f  

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365, 366 - Dodge 1/2 Ton Army Truck
367 - CCKW
Update January 23, 2004: Went back to the junk yard yesterday; the ton Dodge and the GMC CCKW had been crushed.

368-371 - A very well used and highly modified Dodge Power-Wagon made betwen 1956 and 1960. The rear axle had been moved forward and welded to the frame. There was a "back hoe" mounted on the rear. The cab had been cut down to almost nothing and there were no fenders; very few useable parts.

The following pictures are from a private residence in Forest City, North Carolina:

391 Inside of cab with NP-420 transmission. Note how brake pedal is different from truck with spur gear transmission.
393 Neat door logo
394 Picture to answer the "great oil filter line location" question. (I removed all of the other components off of the engine for clarity! Ha! Ha!
395 Picture showing low mount of the water pump on the 251 engine and centered hose bibb on the radiator top tank
409-414: 1967 WM300