Reproduction Drawbars

Todd Somers

   Drawbars were a factory optional piece of equipment. They were originally designed for use on the farm pulling light farm equipment. They were adjustable for length, height, and angle off of vehicle centerline. They were designed around standard farm equipment specifications and could as a result be used in conjunction with the rear mounted PTO and associated equipment. This reproduction is an exact replica of the factory drawbar and is a bolt-on installation. There is no need to drill any holes in the rear crossmember since all of the mounting holes are provided in the rear crossmember by the factory.

   They had not been available for years until I made a batch of them about 12 years ago. I sold them all to fellow Power-Wagon owners. A number of friends had been asking for me to make some more of these drawbars and after almost a year they are finally complete.

   Price is $500.00 plus actual UPS shipping charge from zip code 28689.

   To place an order, please email me at:

   The picture on the right and the first two pictures below are my reproduction drawbars mounted on my 1955 C3-PW. The next picture is of Clint Dixon's 1947 WDX (foreground) and his 1951 B3-PW flatbed. The 1951 has a factory original drawbar and the 1947 has one of my reproductions. The last picture is a scanned image of the original exploded parts diagram of the factory drawbar.

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Last Updated:04-Apr-2010