Blue Ridge Snow & Ice Storms

December 15, 2003

IceStorm1 IceStorm2 IceStorm3 IceStorm4
IceStorm5 IceStorm6 IceStorm7 TurkeyVulture
January 30, 2005
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    The "hill" in the pictures is Ringfire Mountain. The elevation of the mountain is 1407 feet above sea level. About 400 feet higher than here at Somers Crossroads. It is a small conical shaped mountain that adjoins my property. The legend is that the Native Americans who once inhabited the area would build a "Ring of Fire" (where is Johnny Cash when you need him?) around the base of the mountain, leaving a small gap with no fire. The hunting party would place themselves in hiding at this gap while their compatriots would drive the game off the mountain through the gap in the ring of fire. Happy hunting grounds?

   356-358: The woodshed is the oldest building on the farm. I estimate it to be 150 years old. It is post and beam construction. The posts and beams are hand hewn. The rafters are pine poles that were debarked and cut to length. It was originally covered with hand riven oak shingles. The metal roof was used tin that was installed after it was removed from a local Baptist Church.