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Miscellaneous Power Wagons and Assorted Details

ShonE47WDX-1 ShonE47WDX-2 ShonE47WDX-3 ShonE47WDX-4 ShonE47WDX-5
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MS48B1-Flag1 MS48B1-Flag2 MS48B1-Flag3 MS48B1-Flag4 MS48B1-Flag5
MSVintage-pw1 MSVintage-pw2 MSVintage-pw3 MSVintage-pw4  
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Shon Elliott (ShonE) is from Amarillo Texas and owns the beautiful unrestored 1947 WDX. He purchased it for his son, they plan on doing a full restoration. The frame number is 83906095, engine number is T245-I4494, and body tag nubmer is 4312-6663.

Mike Stone (MS) has a great looking place and 1948 B1-PW in Jerome Idaho, in the heart of the Power-Wagon Magic Valley (home of the giant Power-Wagon magnet) as Mike affectionally puts it. The flagpole was a 40th anniversary present that Mike and his wife gave to each other. Mike also contributed the vintage photos that show the proper way to transport a Power-Wagon!

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