Dodge Power Wagon
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Power For The Farm
The Amazing New 4-wheel Drive

This classic brochure describes, in pictures and text, how the Dodge Power-Wagon can be used on the farm with a variety of attachments.

"Where POWER is needed on the farm...a Dodge Power-Wagon will fill the bill. The Power-Wagon is a truck, tractor and portable power plant... all in one!"
Monroe Hydraulic Lift Kit

A vintage brochure, from 1949, detailing the Monroe Hydraulic Lift Kit attachment for the Dodge Power Wagon.

"The installation of the Monroe Hydraulic Lift Kit on a Dodge Four-Wheel-Drive Power Wagon makes a versatile unit for farming and road maintenance..."
Farming Demonstration

Dodge Power-Wagon Dealer Sales Information brochure describing two farm demonstrations held in Georgia and Texas showing off the farming capability of the Dodge Power-Wagon.

"Farmers, Farm Editors, County Agents see DODGE POWER-WAGON prove its adaptability to low-cost farming..."
Nebraska Tractor Test No. 454
Dodge Power Wagon T137

The first and only Dodge Power-Wagon to be tested by The Experimental Station, University of Nebraska College of Agriculture, Lincoln, Nebraska.

"With eight speeds ranging from 4 to 54 mph, the Dodge Power Wagon featured a four-wheel-drive design and weighed in at 5,809 pounds...."
Vintage Photos

Collection of vintage Power-Wagon photos with a few surprises.
Good Roads Snowplow
Photos & Literature

Photos and vintage Good Roads literature

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