Power-Wagon Parts Manuals

Clint Dixon

  Generally, Dodge provided completely separate parts manuals between the Power-Wagons and 2-wheel-drive trucks for the years 1945-1957. This is especially true of the bound manuals. I have never seen a bound manual that covered both Power-Wagon and 2-wheel-drive for these years. Some of the loose leaf binder manuals contain a separate section devoted exclusively to the Power-Wagon. In any case, the separate Power-Wagon section would be identical to the bound Power-Wagon specific versions.
  Here is a complete list (so far) of the original Power-Wagon parts manuals that I know of (excluding export models). Note that starting in 1957, all trucks were included together:
This is a fairly complete list. All of the manuals up through 1957 list, on their cover, the previous manual number that they supersede. Each of these superseded numbers matches the number of the previous manual shown in the list above. Special thanks to Eric Bannerman for supplying part numbers and descriptions for the following manuals: 1957-58 K&L Series, WM4399, D-16889, 81-690-007, 81-690-0072, and 81-690-0403.


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