Cary J. Meier

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WC-53 Carryall Recovery Story

August 2004: In August the Carryall received the "Peoples Choice" award. This was out of about 35 vintage trucks, 40 muscle cars, 25 vintage cars, a handful of foreign boom boxes that dance, and a few custom bikes. A couple thousand folks showed up for the show. I was hoping for best custom truck because I never thought I'd get the people choice and was shocked when they called out the WC-53. I even got interviewed by the local rock station, they wanted me to tell the history of the thing.

June 2004: The Carryall received a "Best 4x4" award and a "Best Custom Truck" award.

1956 C3-PW6-126: The truck was originally owned by the Department of Interior, Alaska Railroad. This was before the State was a State. Then it was sold at a GSA auction and put to work for a gold miner. He had it for a number of years and ran it into the ground and I bought it to restore then later rebuild. The truck was originally 12 volt, which has proved difficult to find certain guages. It has a sync trans and a third generation bed. I restored the truck to original in 1994 and then in 1996 it became my daily driver until I got my Cummins in 2001. I had the engine rebuilt and put a GM corp 10 under the front with heavy duty 3/4 ton spindles, rotors, and calipers. The GM Corp 10 literally bolts right on to the springs, with just a bit of grinding to the axle housing to make the u-bolt bracket fit on the right side. I put a GM 14 bolt rear end under the back. I'm running 4.11 gears with 16 inch rims and 315/75R/16 radial tires. The gear ratio, radial tires, and disc brakes were an incredible improvement. I'm still running the original engine, tranny, and t-case. I can do 60 mph without the engine screaming, and it will still climb steep hills. 4.56 gears would have been better and is what I would do if I was to do it again. The truck will still move a mountain of snow. The snow plow is a Meyer set up. The frame bracket bolts on with eight very large bolts then the plow mount is the tube style that slides right into the frame mount. This set up is nice for summer. The plow mount unbolts and slides out in about 10 minutes.

- Cary J. Meier, Alaska

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